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Fine Jewellery

Frank Robinson has been adorning the limbs of the style set for almost thirty years, from Hollywood stars and heiresses to business barons and beautiful bubs. One could write a book of his experiences if discretion wasn’t his signature calling card – as he passionately puts it, “I never sell and tell!”


Having refined his craft with industry leaders during residences at Hardy Brothers under renowned gemmologist Geoff Tombs and cultivated a love of pearls and antique jewellery at Bunda, Robinson firmly cemented himself into the fabric of Double Bay during his twenty-year tenure as Director of Sales at iconic Australian jeweller Jan Logan.


Robinson works across precious and semi-precious stones and pearls, sourcing inspiration from organic shapes found in the natural world and his unabating passion for international travel.


For Robinson, the obsession with design in all its forms is as important as the customer experience. He prides himself on sensitivity towards big dreams and small budgets.


“I am fortunate to be entrusted in the creation and sourcing of jewellery that can mark some of life’s most exciting moments, my clients have become family and I am delighted I can now welcome them into a part of my world with this store.”

Frank Robinson